Neos Therapeutics: Dissolvable Amphetamine Drug for Kids

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ADHD medication that dissolves

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Recently, the CDC has raised concerns with over-medicating children with ADHD.


Enter Adzenys – a new medication in this ADHD market. This new dissolvable pill aimed directly at children for its ease-of-use and orange-flavoring is concerning doctors and parents due to the fact that the medication is a Schedule 2 Controlled Substance, and the drug’s main selling point of “ease-of-use” may facilitate abuse.

With such a widespread use of stimulants being used in today’s society, many in the medical community insist that creating an ODT (orally disintegrating tablet) version of an ADHD drug is a natural course of action. Dr. Ben Biermann of the University of Michigan told STAT that “it’s simply another delivery mechanism.” ODTs have many benefits for those who suffer from difficulty swallowing or have compliance issues, and notably can be taken without liquid.

Pharmaceutical companies have previously produced chewable stimulant medications such as Methylin, an ADHD treatment chemically similar to Ritalin.

The company, Neos Therapeutics, which went public in July of 2015, saw shares jump 40 percent after the launch of Adzenys, which, according to CEO Vipin Garg, aligned with making the drug available “before the back-to-school season”. Garg also noted that Neos will be seeking FDA approval on another ODT stimulant similar to Ritalin in addition to an amphetamine liquid suspension.




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