SellPartner® Marketplace


Sellpartner® Marketplace

The SellPartner® Marketplace is an affiliated reseller program for Umbrella Testing Supplies, LLC. Approved sellers and vendors are able to list products and services within item categories on our web-store. Participation in the program is free. There are no monthly or annual service fees and no product listing fees. (Compared to Amazon monthly fees and eBay listing fees). Instead, a 7% collection fee is processed for each SellPartner® item sold. (Compared to Amazon 10%-25% and eBay 10%). This is a universal flat-rate collection fee across all item categories. For questions, please email

How to get started

  1. Complete the 1-page SellPartner® Registration Form. Register Now
  2. A Store Expert will review and approve applications within 24 hours
  3. Once approved, Login to your SellPartner® Marketplace Portal
  4. List products within the item categories and submit for approval
  5. A  Store Expert will review and approve new products within 24 hours


SellPartner® earnings are distributed weekly. Earnings are transferred securely via PayPal®. All SellPartners® must have a valid PayPal® account. You can sign up for a free PayPal® account here.