AlcoScreen - Rapid 2-Minute - Saliva Alcohol Test - CLIA Waived

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AlcoScreen is a rapid, cost-effective 2-minute saliva screening test for blood alcohol levels. Safe to use in a private setting or in the workplace. Test strip is activated by human saliva. Read results at 2 minutes.


  • CLIA Waived
  • Rapid test results in 2 minutes
  • Non-invasive Saliva test
  • Cost-Effective, Disposable
  • Individually foil-wrapped
  • 24 test strips per box


Quick Instructions:

Wet test pad area with saliva for at least 5 seconds, then remove. Read results at 2 minutes. If color is present, test is positive. If no color, test is negative.

Estimated Blood Alcohol Levels - Color Chart

*Please see color chart in box for accurate color representation


Standard Drink Chart
Beverage Drink Amount (fl. oz.) Common Term Used Alcohol (% by vol.)
80-proof liquor 1.5 fl. oz. one shot 40
Wine 5 fl. oz. one glass 12
Beer 12 fl. oz. one can 5

*Note: the average person can metabolize about one standard drink per hour.

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